Calla Lily bouquet is the beautiful and vibrant arrangement of dark purple Calla Lilies.

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The Calla Lily is also known as the arum lily, pig lily and the trumpet lily. This particular flower is native to South Africa. The Calla grows in late spring because of the warmer weather. The Calla lily has a variety of different meanings around the world, but remains beautiful and worthy to all cultures and religions.

The word Calla is Greek for beauty and Hebrew for the beautiful bride. It is no surprise then, that calla lilies are a favorite choice for weddings throughout the year. Calla lilies create delightful bridal bouquets and tall floral centrepieces.

At weddings the Calla lily is placed among tables, fences or even in a beautiful bouquet held by the bride. As this flower means beauty, it holds a very special place at weddings around the world. With a white wedding, the Calla lily fits perfectly with the beautiful bride and venue set up.
The scent that this flower gives off is fresh and powerful, giving the venue a comforting feel for all its guests.

At funerals the Calla lily meaning is not only for beauty and sorrow, but for it’s long lasting lifespan. The Calla lily lasts between 4-8 days if they are cared for properly, by placing them in a small vase full of water. They will last the maximum amount of days, giving you the satisfaction and long lasting beauty.

The Calla Lily bouquet would be great for any sort of special occasion or ceremony or just as a thoughtful gift for a friend. The scent that this flower gives off is fresh and powerful, giving a comforting feel for all its guests.

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